Classroom Rules

Certain items can be dangerous or cause injury while dancing. We therefore ask all students to respect the following rules:

  • Jewelry may not be worn in any dance class.

  • Tops such as sweatshirts, tee shirts and any other baggy or oversized clothing may not be worn.

  • Hair must be pulled back from the face and secured in a ponytail or bun unless hair is too short.

  • NO chewing gum, food, drinks or snacks in any classroom.

  • Cell phones must be turned off during class.

We believe that a dress code lends a professional look to classes and shows students and parents that we take dance training seriously.

It creates an added sense of discipline in the classroom and equality among students; the focus stays on learning rather than on comparing clothes. Too many layers of clothing make it difficult to observe dancers' bodies in order to offer the technical corrections needed to build strong dancers. It is for these reasons that we ask our students to adhere to our dress code requirements.

For your convenience, the studio carries a full line of dance shoes, leotards and tights necessary for dance class.

Dress Requirements

  • Beginner and Combination — black or pink leotards, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, beige tap shoes.

  • Ballet — solid color leotards (no patterns), pink tights and ballet shoes. Short ballet skirts are optional.

  • Jazz — solid color leotards, tights, dance shorts are optional, beige jazz shoes.

  • Tap -—solid color leotards, tights, dance shorts are optional, beige jazz shoes.

  • Acrobatic — solid color leotard and footless tights: no shoes are worn for acrobatic class.

  • Boys (all class types) — please call for specifics.