We foster an environment that makes our students proud to call themselves Ken & Jean Dancers for life.

It is never a surprise when former students drop by our studio to say hello, only to end up talking at length about how important it was for them to have had the studio in their lives. The studio is a second home where students make life-long friends, a classroom that teaches them the lifelong gift of dance, and a place where they are lovingly encouraged to always strive for their personal best. That is what Ken and Jean Phifer wanted most out of life: to pass along their love of dance to as many young people as they could.

 What Parents and Former Students Say About Our Studio

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"We absolutely love it at Ken & Jean’s. My 3 year old & 5 year old daughters ask to go to dance on a daily basis. Their teachers are professional, positive, and radiate warmth toward all the students. We couldn't ask for a better environment for our daughters. Ken & Jean Dance Studio is simply the best at what they do. Thank you for being such an amazing, encouraging, and supportive studio."

“Love this place! Makes my heart smile just thinking of what these teachers have done for my girls.”

"There are not enough words to say how much Ken and Jean's Dance Studio means to me. From age 5 to 14, I was blessed to have studied under Ken and Jean - they will always have a special place in my heart as amazing teachers and more importantly, people who cared about their students. Today, our girls are in their fourth year - and they love it as much as I did! Darcy is making her parents proud with the same passion for dance that she helps to share with her students."

"Couldn't ask for a better group of role models for my daughter to grow up with!"

"Ken and Jean is where I spent most of my childhood, where I learned that I love dance, where I watched amazing teachers that inspired me, and where I made some of my best friends. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone I knew looking for a real dance experience with some truly compassionate people."

“Best dance studio hands down! The teachers are amazing with the kids!!!! Darcy knows every little girls name that dances there. Everyone there makes each little dancer feel special!”

"Amazing studio with amazing teachers! From the moment we walked into the studio, they knew our names and treated us like family! My daughter not only has learned how to dance , she has also learned discipline and responsibility. The best studio hands down!"

"This is more than a dance studio. I spent my life from age 3 until I graduated from high school made some dear friends. Accomplished personal goals. Completed 5 grades of Cecchetti techniques. Had the honor and privilege to have been taught by Ken and Jean Phifer, Darcy and Sandy. The most wonderful years. THANK YOU KEN & JEAN!"