The Ken & Jean Dance Studio is a proud member of the Cecchetti Council of America.

The Cecchetti Council of America holds examinations in classical ballet for students and teachers across the United States who are training in the Cecchetti method.  The Syllabus offers students an opportunity to advance their technical ability and fully understand ballet terminology. Each level provides attainable goals that build self-confidence in their developmental progress as young ballet dancers grow.

The Cecchetti method is a ballet technique devised by the Italian ballet master Enrico Cecchetti (1850–1928). The method seeks to develop the essential skills of dance (e.g., balance, poise, strength, elevation, flexibility, and artistry) in ballet students. 

With proper ballet training, students may easily transfer their technique and control to other genres of dance. The discipline that is required along with the standards set can be transferred to all aspects of the dancers' lives.

All of our faculty have been tested and are fully accredited to teach the Cecchetti method of ballet. This assures that teachers have a full understanding of anatomy, musicality, proper technique, correct body alignment, and proper use of ballet terminology.

At age nine, our students at Ken & Jean's begin their formal Cecchetti training.  In their very first year of Cecchetti, students learn a set of ballet patterns along with full knowledge of the french terminology and the english translations.  It is a continual process advancing through six graded levels.

Each summer, national ballet examiners sent by the Cecchetti Council of America examine our students in Grade Levels I through VI.  We are the only studio in the Pittsburgh area to offer these prestigious national ballet examinations to our students.


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